Barnhouse large


 When Janet Vivian and Kate Spicer decided they wanted a unique house that would reflect the rural surroundings of their new lifestyle block, they turned to Totalspan to help make it happen.

 “We had been living in suburbia for a long time and we were really excited to get out and enjoy the country a bit more. We loved the rural feel of our lifestyle block and we wanted a house that would reflect that, while still being very contemporary and a great place to live.”

 To achieve this, Janet and Kate came up with a design for their home that would combine a rural-themed exterior made of corrugated steel with a comfortable interior.

  “We wanted something that was going to have an earthy, rural feel on the outside but that on the inside was going to be very contemporary – with an open plan arrangement and a modern look and feel,” said Janet.

Barnhouse Kitchen

 Janet and Kate say getting to work with Totalspan on the design was one of the highlights of the building process.

 “Working with Totalspan on the design was great, they understood that we had a really specific vision and they wanted to help us do it. They let us be really involved in the design process, which ensured we got something that matched the vision we had. They let us do all of the design but were there to offer advice and oversight, to make sure we were staying within budget and that all the ideas we had were going to be manageable in reality.

 “It meant that we got to take ownership of the design, while having some expert help and support. Designing our own home this way was a wonderful experience and a real adventure.”

 Once the design was settled, Janet says she was impressed by the speed at which the build was completed.

 “The whole build was very quick and really well managed, which took so much of the stress off us. Having Totalspan there to manage to whole project was great because we knew there was someone we trusted keeping everything on track.”

 Janet says the communication during the build was a real highlight.

 “The best thing about dealing with Totalspan on the build was that there were no surprises. We always felt they kept us up to date with what was going on and got in touch if there were any issues that we needed to talk to them about.

 “I know that building a house and a project as complicated and big as our one was can be quite stressful, but Totalspan always had things under control.

 “For us it was great because when they needed our input there was always plenty of time. We never got a phone call saying ‘we need you to make this decision right away’ or ‘we need this done by tomorrow.’ Whenever decisions had to be made we always had lots of time to think them through and make sure they were in keeping with what we wanted from the house, and the budget we had available. On a build as quick as ours was, I thought that was very impressive.”

 Now, Janet and Kate are enjoying their new life in the country, with a home that matches the vision they had when they started building.

 “Having Totalspan help us design and build our own home was great. We’ve ended up with a house we are really proud of, and that matches our original vision. We got exactly what we wanted.”